Velux Skylight Installation

Velux Skylight InstallationAt Salem Windows and Doors, we stock an impressive selection of Velux skylights and roof windows. And although a Velux skylight installation requires more skill than a typical residential window replacement, the experts at Salem Windows and Doors have you covered.

Velux Sklyights

For 75 years, Velux has been the worldwide industry leader in manufacturing skylights and roof windows. Velux continuously strives to provide the most energy efficient and reliable daylighting products on the market.

When you choose Velux skylights, you can be sure that your home will be protected from wind, rain, sleet, hail and snow.

Velux’s products are available to consumers, as well as builders, architects and merchants in the United States.  They also sell a complete range of blinds, electronic accessories, shades and solar panels.

Which Skylight is Best for My Home?

Deciding which skylight to use in your home can be a process. Velux offers both deck mounted and curb mounted skylights. Curb mounted skylights are mounted onto a wooden platform – or curb – that the installer will build around the opening on your roof. These are best for flat roofs with a pitch of up to 60 degrees. Deck mounted skylight seals are nailed directly into the roof deck to ensure a low profile, energy-efficient installation. Deck mounted skylights are best for roof pitches that are a bit steeper, between 14 and 85 degrees.  Your installer will measure your roof pitch and decide which option is best for your home.

Velux Skylight Installation

Velux skylight installation is a technical job requiring strict adherence to measurement details. Due to the exacting measurements necessary for proper installation, our professional team of certified installers have an important job. To ensure that your windows meet the manufacturer’s No Leak Skylight warranty, our installers will follow the specific instructions laid out by Velux in regards to flashing, deck seal and adhesive underlayment. With three layers of leak protection, you can rest assured that your home will stay dry. Velux stands by their products with a 10-year No Leak Guarantee. And we stand by our team of professional installers. Which is why we offer our services for free the first year following a Velux skylight installation.

Do you want a skylight installed, but have a flat ceiling? No problem! After our team completes a Velux skylight installation on your roof, they’ll add another skylight called a lightwell to your attic floor to let the light in from the ceiling into your home.

Want to add more sun and more fresh air into your home?  Velux Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights feature a solar panel that captures available sunlight to power the opening mechanism. Open and close your skylight using solar power, with no need to install wiring. The solar panel-fueled battery operator and control system is fully concealed, and is available for both deck mounted and curb mounted installations. With Velux Solar Powered skylights, you’re also eligible for a 30% tax credit on both product and installation costs.

Installation Services at Salem Windows & Doors

After you’ve purchased a quality daylighting product from Salem Windows and Doors, let our team of experienced professionals complete the Velux skylight installation on your behalf. We complete all our projects as if they’re being done in our own homes, so you can be assured that we’ll get it done right the first time. Check out all our available installation services for more information on how we can help.