Skylight Windows High Point NC

Skylight Windows High Point NC

For the most expansive selection of skylight windows High Point NC can offer, shop the selection of Velux daylighting products at Salem Windows and Doors.

Velux Skylights and Roof Windows

Velux has been an industry leader in roof windows and skylights for over 75 years. Their commitment to creating quality products featuring energy-efficient innovations has propelled them to success.

For over three quarters of a century, the expert innovators at Velux have worked tirelessly to identify and manufacture superior daylighting products and accessories.

Clean, Quiet & Safe Glass

The glass used in Velux skylights and roof windows are manufactured with silicon dioxide to create an exceptionally smooth surface. The glass is so smooth that water slides off evenly and evaporates quickly, reducing the risk for developing unsightly water spots.

Velux also incorporates titanium dioxide into their windows, which reacts chemically with the sun’s rays. Organic materials within the glass then subsequently decompose, and are washed away at with the next rainfall. The result is a spotless sheen, as well as less time and effort by homeowners to clean their skylights.

The glass is also great at reducing loud, disruptive noises up to 25% more than a standard glass pane. It’s even more effective than plastic skylight glass, reducing noise by up to 50%.

Hail Warranty

Not many skylight windows High Point NC adjacent can offer the same kind of hail warranty as Velux. For their line of Clean, Quiet & Safe glass products, Velux guarantees that their skylights will not crack or break due to hail for ten years after the date of purchase.

Quality Selection

Salem Windows and Doors offers a full range of Velux skylights and roof windows. No matter your style, roof pitch or budget, we can help you find the daylighting products you need to bring bright light to your living space. For the best skylight windows High Point NC can offer, stop by the Salem Windows and Doors showroom in nearby Kernersville, NC today.