Sierra Pacific Industries is a third-generation, family-owned and operated forest products company based in northern California and the state of Washington. With nearly 1.9 million acres of forestland in California and Washington, Sierra Pacific is the largest private forestland owner in North America.

Sierra Pacific operates 12 sawmills, 8 cogeneration facilities and 4 wood remanufacturing/millwork plants in California and Washington, as well as one of the fastest growing wood window companies in the Western United States. We employ nearly 3,400 people.

At Sierra Pacific, we believe that healthy trees, cool clean water and enduring wildlife habitat are the natural result of sound forest management practices. Our forest harvesting philosophy is based on extensive scientific research. We have undertaken exhaustive planning to guarantee that we meet or exceed the environmental protection standards of the Sustainable Forestry InitiativeĀ® (SFI) and forestry regulations in California and Washington - the highest standards in the world.

With Professional Foresters and Wildlife Biologists managing our lands on a "sustained yield" basis, Sierra Pacific plants more trees and increasingly grows more wood than is harvested every year and ensures protection of wildlife habitat, watercourses and plant life. This increase in sustainable yield will level off about 70 years from today and remain stable at those levels for the foreseeable future.

Sierra Pacific currently plants over six million conifer seedlings each year on company land in California. In fact, we will nearly triple the volume of wood growing on our lands in the next 100 years and our average tree diameter will almost double in that time.

Sierra Pacific is an industry leader in technological advances. We use state of the art computerized scanning equipment to assure we are getting the highest yields from our raw materials. Whether in our sawmills or millwork plants, innovative equipment run by highly-skilled operators ensures that we utilize all available wood fiber.

The fiber remaining from one operation becomes the raw material for another, guaranteeing minimal waste. Shavings and chips are pressed into particleboard. Bark is used for various forms of landscape material or converted into boiler fuel to make steam for drying lumber and is used twice to cogenerate electricity.

Our 8 cogeneration facilities produce over 150 megawatts of electrical power to operate our mills. The balance is sold to local public utility companies in an effort to reduce our nation's dependence on scarce fossil fuels.

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