Plastpro Fiberglass Doors

Plastpro Fiberglass Doors

Salem Windows and Doors offers the U.S. industry leading manufacturer of fiberglass entry doors, Plastpro Incorporated. Our impressive selection of Plastpro fiberglass doors will add character and value to your home, in addition to added security.

Plastpro Fiberglass Doors

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Plastpro offers world-class reliability and the outstanding customer service you would expect from an industry leader. Utilizing only exceptional materials with superior design, Plastpro brings unsurpassed product quality to the market.

Not all fiberglass entry doors are created equal.  Plastpro is the U.S. industry leader in current manufacturing achievements for fiberglass doors.  Plastpro fiberglass doors are more than just standard exterior doors.  Their entry systems come with exclusive thermal sealant technology that safeguards against all the elements of weather and saves energy costs.  Plastpro doors combine beauty, strength and enhanced longevity with rot-free PVC door frames.

Heavy duty, full-length LVL lock blocks and exclusive Hydroshield Technology form a barrier against the elements on all Plastpro doors.  Fiberglass reinforced door skins, full-length composite stiles and composite top and bottom rails come together to make your door a distinguished work of functional art for years to come.

Superior Craftsmanship

Old-world craftsmanship combined with the most advanced, technologically-innovative design on the market today make Plastpro fiberglass doors the best money can buy.  Since 1954, Formosa Plastics Group has been offering consumers the highest quality product at the most competitive price.  Formosa Plastics family of companies has been vertically integrating raw materials toward the finished product, allowing for absolute control and coordination of all steps in the production process.  Today, Plastpro continues this tradition by being dedicated to the renowned customer service and reliability you have come to expect.

If you are seeking the strongest available entry door on the market for your home or office, Plastpro fiberglass doors are the right option for you.  Combining the strength and durability of steel with the attractive appearance of wood, Plastpro fiberglass doors require less maintenance, are more energy efficient, and come with longer warranties than traditional wood or steel entry doors.  There are many design options to choose from to suit every décor, whether you’re going for a rustic look, seeking traditional elegance or are interested in shatter-proof glass.

Which Plastpro Fiberglass Door is Right for Me?

With twelve different design series options, and many customizable options to choose from within each series, the possibilities for the consumer are vast. Depending on the functions you want your entry door to have, and the style of your home or office, come in to our showroom to browse available options to see which Plastpro fiberglass entry door is right for you.

Rustic Series

This series features a variety of classic wrought iron welding designs in the inserted door windows with privacy glass. Two panel, square panel and square top windows are available for your selection within this series.  Also included in the Rustic Series designs are a variety of handsome wood true plank doors, with arch top, square top and radius top door options.

Modern Series

With sleek design and handsome woodgrain frames, Plastpro’s Modern Series will fit all your modern décor needs.  Dark and strong wood options are available, with added window inserts available with some designs.

Mahogany Series

Rich mahogany wood styles that showcase both beauty and strength in this Plastpro fiberglass entry door line. Privacy glass with wrought iron doorlite, as well as patina glass inset designs are available in this series, as well as an extensive variety of four panel and six panel mahogany door options.

Fir Grain Series

For a sleek, classic Craftsman style fir wood design, Plastpro’s Fir Grain Series offers a variety of vertical graining doors with privacy glass design options. The warm golden brown tone of fir wood invites both a welcoming and attractive Craftsman style feel.

Wood Grain Series

Rich oak grain supports a traditional design with Plastpro fiberglass entry doors Wood Grain series.  A variety of wrought iron doorlite frames with privacy glass is available in this series, as well as a vast assortment of oak wood paneled doors, and several combinations of both paneled oak grain doors with wrought iron glass insets.

Smooth Skin Series

This traditional, sleek line features a variety of white entry doors with available privacy glass inserts.  Wrought iron doorlite frames are available as well as patina glass, or you can choose from various paneling options for these contemporary Plastpro entry door designs.

True White Oak Series

The True White Oak Series allows you to have both the wood grain door as well as a white finish.  Choose from a variety of four or six paneling options, wrought iron doorlite inserts or patina privacy glass designs. Each door style within this series is further customizable, whether you’re seeking a Flush Full Lite glass option, or half lite window glass inserts with various paneling selections.

Cherry Series

Plastpro’s cherry wood series doors are well known for their warm, attractive wood grain and come in a variety of paneling options and both patina and wrought iron glass insert designs.

Onelight Series

This is your option if you’re looking to add the maximum amount of light in through your glass entry door. Plastpro’s Onelight Series maximizes energy efficient technology for thermal insulation.  A wide variety of glass paneling design options are also available.

Trimmable Series

Plastpro’s trimmable entry doors allow the installer to custom trim these wood doors to allow the perfect fit. Wood grain as well as a white finish are available in flush designs as well as various paneling options.

Fire Rated Series

These entry doors have the maximum fire safety ratings for your entry space. Practicality combines with style in these high safety-rated doors. Choose from among Mahogany, Wood Grain paneled, Wood Grain Flush, Plank doors as well as True White Oak styles.

Impact Series

This series uses the latest technology from Plastpro. It can withstand the force of flying objects while maintaining its original unbreakable form. The Impact Series is available in a variety of design styles, including: Rustic, Wood Grain, Smooth Skin and Wood Grain Flush doors. These doors also come in a variety of paneling options. Both the Wood Grain and Smooth skin entry doors are available with wide stile glass insets with privacy glass.

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